DIY Pallet Wood Serving Tray

upcycled pallet wood tray

Pallet wood is really a fantastic type of wood for recycling purposes and often goes for great serviceable objects. We had to happen to find some pallet wood remains in our garden and then we put them together creatively to form this DIY pallet wood serving tray which is great for occasional coffee and dinners…. [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Wall Hanging Shelving

recycled pallet wall shelving

To make use of shipping pallets is really a wise idea to go in most economical way to get the home furniture. We were having a great empty wall area at outdoor and just wanted a great and artful filling of it. We use this DIY pallet wall hanging shelving to make our wall eyeful… [Read More...]

DIY Colorful Pallet Sofa Side Table

reclaimed pallet sofa side table and accent table

Living room is mostly subjected to reliable sitting purposes and is make lush with sofa and bunch of chairs at different cozy positions. A side table also carries a prominent position and character in the living room. We have made here a very chic and colorful DIY pallet sofa side table by getting the pallets… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Kitchen Cart / Table

recycled pallet kitchen cart

Kitchen is the room which produces food for all home, so it demands and rolling type of furniture for food transportation in all room through the home. So we have extracted a DIY pallet kitchen cart out of pallet wood upcycling which has a very short construction period. This wooden pallet furniture has been made… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Console Sofa Table

rustic pallet console sofa side table

Whether you are sitting on a chair or sofa at outdoor or indoor, it demands a side table to maintain certain sitting standards. That is why we have repurposed a DIY pallet console sofa table for our living room sofa. We have gained this pallet table type by mix combination of pallet wood and old… [Read More...]

Pallet Sofa Side Table in Rustic Style

upcycled pallet side table

Here is perfect inspiration of pallet wood recycling when you have short supply of pallet wood. We have made a DIY pallet sofa side table out of that supply of rustic wood and it really provided us a purpose which we needed. We have stained this rustic beauty in skinny brown stain shade and have… [Read More...]

DIY Oak Pallet Birdhouse

recycled pallet bird house

There were lying some rustic odds and ends of pallet wood around the home, we picked them up and inspect them creatively and found a chic purpose out of them. We extract them in well defined shapes and joined them to get this DIY pallet birdhouse design which will held much gracious to the bird… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Medium Red Side Table

recycled pallet red side table

We always look for two components to get a complete plan for sitting one is the chair or sofa and second one is the side table. If you are really missing any one of them then shake hand to us we have given a variety of DIY pallet ideas about different pallet sofa designs and… [Read More...]

DIY Rustic Pallet End Table

recycled pallet end table

A living room is the most preferred room for sitting needs and is mostly lush with couches and sofas with bunch of chairs too. Now we are here with a DIY pallet project which will provide a great aid and support to these chairs and sofa models. Yes, we are talking about this DIY pallet… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Potting and Entry Way Table

recycled pallet potting table and entry way table

Tables play a very vital role in home and we see tables everywhere in home providing a variety of services. It is very easy to make table out of pallet wood so we did this during last holiday. We have resurrected a DIY pallet potting and entry way table through a yielding and productive reclaiming… [Read More...]