DIY Kid’s Pallet Desk

rustic yet modern pallet desk

Some exclusive and special versions of kid’s furniture can really let them to enjoy more of their study and assignment projects. However, the industrial styles of toddler furniture may be much pricey too. Check this DIY pallet kid’s desk, is not it super sturdy and cool? It has purely been made with pallets and would… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Antique Styled Coffee Table

wooden pallet vintage inspired coffee table

Pallet wood is catching great popularity around the globe due to its tremendous uses in home improvements that can really hold your attention. If you still love or retro styled or vintage styled furniture then pallet wood can really help you create that rustic furniture designs at no-cost. This DIY pallet antique styled coffee table… [Read More…]

DIY Red Chalk Painted Coffee Table

reclaimed pallet chalk painted rolling coffee table

Coffee table is the element of home furniture that goes for various functional options in home. It copes up great with living room couch or sofa to make you completely entertained. However, this remarkably functional piece of furniture may be pricey a lot but we have some very new and creative ways here to access… [Read More…]

DIY Repurposed Pallet Rolling Coffee Table

recycled pallet wood rolling coffee table

Pallets can be restyled in numerous different ways to yield different utility objects for so many uses in home. These shipping skids should always think twice before getting destined to landfill areas around your home. How you can recycle the pallets for furniture this can surely be explained better with this DIY repurposed pallet rolling… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Shelves – Storage Unit and Bookcase!!

upcycled pallet wall hanging shelves

Pallet boards are really feasible for perfect shelving and racking schemes out of them. If you really need some affordable solutions for appreciated storage of home objects then simply craft the pallet boards. Take a look at this rustic DIY pallet shelving unit, contains multiple shelving levels to manage plenty of different objects. This DIY… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Wood Crate Storage Unit

recycled pallet crate storage unit

We need diverse types of storage solutions to live a well organized life in home interiors. However, pallet wood has made all this possible as you can full all your storage needs out of it by constructing shelves, racks, storage units, storage cabinets and also storage chests. This time we will throw some light on… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Bedside Table and Side Table

handmade pallet nightstand

side tables always give you a free hand to use your hands in conversation by putting your beverage mugs or drink bottle on it. It makes your sitting functional and entertaining. To get a side table is really simple with pallets as you get rid of lots of cuttings in pallet wood projects. This DIY… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Storage

recycled pallet coffee table with storage

Enjoy the pallet wood furniture even if you have not gone through carpentry ever. It always come handy to modify the pallets for subtle furniture out of them and even a 7 year old child can do that!! If you really need a a table for your living room on a budget this DIY pallet… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Chevron Coffee Table with Flat Box Legs

recycled pallet chevron coffee table

Pallet wood should get a second chance to be recycled into a new and different utilitarian object and we should avoid to destine them directly to landfill areas. Pallet wood can really lower down your heavy furniture expenditures that always makes you out of budget. If you are also feeling embarrassed due to some unexpected… [Read More…]

Pallet Nightstand, Bookcase, End or Side Table

reclaimed pallet end table and mini bookcase

Most of DIY pallet furniture projects can give you dual or multiple functions in home. There are so many ways to construct tables out of pallets and there are also plenty of ways to use them in home. This time we have selected a very nice and intelligent work of wooden creativity that can give… [Read More…]