DIY Stool Made from Pallet Wood

recycled pallet padded stool

Creative world of pallet wood recycling is growing day by day as people are making some unbelievable things out of pallet wood. Do you still feeling short of sitting space? This has been perfectly solved with great DIY pallet seating plans and sitting furniture. This time we are going to share with you an idea… [Read More…]

DIY Reclaimed Pallet Wood Coffee Table

handcrafted pallet coffee table

There are countless creative ways to make the pallet again serviceable and useful. One great way is just to change them to DIY pallet furniture which will help great to get a comfortable living style on a budget. This time we are introducing to you a much knockout model of DIY pallet coffee table which… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Wood Dining Table

recycled pallet wood dining table

The new creative world of pallet wood upcycling can make you obsessed with its unbelievable additions every day. You can also feel great after getting this DIY pallet wood dining table out of pallet wood which has been built in some oversize dimensions. Big size of this pallet dining table allows its occasional use to… [Read More…]

Pallet Coffee Table / End Tables / Patio Set

pallet patio furniture set

Can pallet be used in creating patio furniture? Yes, it is true for sure! We have made this entire set of DIY pallet patio furniture using some sturdy pallet boards. A DIY pallet coffee table with two end tables has been made by yielding readjustments and cutting of pallets. You will likely to have this… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Book Storage Area

reclaimed pallet coffee table

If you really want some chic suggestions and ways to get the pallets useful again then this DIY pallet project can provide you a great help. This DIY pallet table has been reclaimed using highly rustic pallet skids which are very common to find everywhere. Your junk yard places can also make you get with… [Read More…]

DIY Distressed White Sofa Side Table

upcycled pallet sofa side table

This article is all about that how you can yield some commendable types of furniture out of pallet wood. Sometime missing of one furniture item or object can disturb the smooth and normal flow of routine manners. So if you are not having a side table then to sit at couch or sofa will give… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Hall Tree / Foyer and Mudroom Cubby

remodeled pallet mud room cubby

With everyday passing the furniture of home get the signs of wear and tear and some of items also become broken and collapsed. By doing some modifications by patching up the pallet wood those crumbled pieces can be found back in functionality just like this DIY pallet hall tree which has also been refurbished with… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Table Tops

recycled pallet table top

In this article we will just speak about that how you can prepare some really gorgeous types of tables by making use of pallet tops. You can put some metal bases and charming industrial or wooden legs to get accent and utility table out of these table tops. These DIY pallet table tops has purely… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Outdoor Rustic Bench

salvaged pallet outdoor bench

If you love the shabby chic, country cottage or vintage style of home decors then this DIY pallet project will be much favorable to decorate you dwelling space. We have constructed a DIY pallet outdoor rustic bench which has been stabilized using biscuit joints and some little pieces of pallet boards. This bench will make… [Read More…]

Pallet Modern Dining Table / kitchen Table

recycled pallet kitchen table and dining table

Pallet wood is used in shipment of food, machinery items and medicine but have no further use after getting retired from the shipping duty. It is basically used to make the shipping goods packed and protected. So you can take those retired pallets for home stuff and furniture out of them. We also reclaimed some… [Read More…]