Pallet Console Table with a Rope Shelf

diy pallet console table and sofa table

We always guide your through the modern trends of pallet wood recycling to make you get with all that is possible to craft with pallets and also to eliminate your furniture needs! You can see here some popular styles of handmade furniture here that just illustrate individual interior decors styles perfectly and you can check… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Accent Flag Table

diy pallet flag table with metal legs

Sometime we get addicted to some elegant pieces of furniture which are less functional but look pretty and beautiful! Such a furniture pieces are mostly used for living room, hallway and garden accent purposes and we are share here a DIY pallet furniture design of the same type we are talking about! Here it comes… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Trellis

recycled pallet garden trellis

Garden is a great place to spend your time of leisure in pleasure. If you are having a chic garden place then there would also be some climbing types of plants in your garden. These types of plants really need a support; check this DIY pallet trellis setup to support well your climbing plants. This… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Chevron Pallet Table

diy pallet chevron table

Pallet-made products and furniture essentials are great hit in every of vintage inspired, farmhouse styled or shabby chic interior environments! They also blend beautifully in modern chic interior home spaces bring an instant rustic vibe to enhance the decors of home! This DIY pallet wood chevron table is also to rock your home and hold… [Read More…]

Pallet Eco-Friendly Shelving on a Budget

pallet and old wood Eco-friendly shelving

In this wood recycling inspiration we’ll show you that how can pallets hold and organize your things better! It is pretty simple to go for installation of some functional shelves to home with pallets, If you have any doubt, then just have a look on this DIY pallet Eco-friendly rustic shelving scheme, features three grand… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet and Steel Sofa Table

upcycled pallet and metal console table

Get another functional craft achieved by a creative pallet and old steel treatment! This is going to be a perfect DIY pallet and steel sofa table for you living room! It contains two beautiful shelving levels supported by angled steel bars and lengths, screws have been added to hold the wooden levels in place tightly!… [Read More…]

Pallet Love Art Shelf – Pallet Decor

diy pallet loved wall shelf

There are many ways and tricks to use the pallets to enhance the decors of home! For a sample, you just can take a look o at this DIY pallet love art shelf which is amazing to create an arresting statement of any of your accent wall! Using the chopped pallet pieces lovely “LOVE” letter… [Read More…]

Pallet Chevron Entry Table

reused pallet chevron entry table

Home entry way is the best part of home to display you interior decor style and overall decorative trends. It also makes the first impression of you home so you should be attentive to it a little bit more. To get the cozy looks of your home access point, an entry way table is the… [Read More…]

Reclaimed Pallet Rustic Coffee Table

upcycled pallet coffee table

We use various types and designs of tables in home but a coffee table is always a center of attention, no matter, where you are using it and for what purpose! This really comes in handy as a utilitarian type of table, as a decorative table and as living room centerpiece! If the sky-high prices… [Read More…]

DIY Sleek Pallet Media Stand

recycled pallet media stand and coffee table

To build tables out of pallets is a fun and is very hard to plan! Just reconfigure the pallets to get your desired alluring table style, if this technique does not really work then it would be better to dismantle the pallet for a pile of individual pallet slats to build anything your want! Try… [Read More…]