DIY Pallet Planter

recycled pallet planter

While surfing the internet for some new DIY furniture to try out at this weekend we found this chic inspiration of DIY pallet planter which just compelled us to share this idea with you. The simplest method to use the worn and weather types of wood for crafting purposes is to change them in some… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Planter Box Design

upcycled pallet planter

It is much easy to turn the pallet wood up in some squared type of boxes. But can we use these rustic boxes in daily life? Go for this DIY pallet planter box design to make the perfect and appreciated use of pallet wood. Pallet wood is always around you begs you to convert it… [Read More...]

Recycled DIY Pallet Planter Box

recycled pallet planter box

Pallets can be used for development of home interiors and exteriors as well. This time we have got a chic DIY pallet planter for our garden accent. The idea really came up with a very nice layout that will perform very well for potting purposes. After getting the pallets dismantled you can easily plan the… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Bathroom Towel Cabinet

recycled pallet bathroom towel cabinet

You just need to go with a genius perspective of thinking to make bigger changes through unworthy objects around you. Recycling is the best plan to keep using thing for a time. We have also done the same here; we have reused some rustic remains of wood and got a very subtle manifestation of them… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Side Tables / Nightstands / End Tables

upcycled pallet side table and nightstand

There are unlimited possibilities to use the pallet wood. Every makeover of desired furniture and wooden commodity can easily be handled with pallet wood. We have created this set of 2 DIY pallet side tables which are just much in use and have plenty of possibilities to compliment the home. These salvaged table designs have… [Read More...]

DIY Recycled Pallet Coffee Table

reclaimed pallet coffee table

What do you want to do with pallets? It can go for any desired layout of furniture you want with so simple steps and makeover. Here we shaped up a DIY recycled pallet coffee table using some rescued pallets. First we made a DIY pallet tray like icon out of dismantled pieces of pallet and… [Read More...]

Rustic Pallet Kitchen Table with Drawers

Pallet Kitchen Table

Pallet wood can serve all your room by giving you the according wooden furniture. Go for some easy constructions and make great DIY pallet furniture which can bring great changes in existing routines of home. We reclaimed some crumbled pallet skids and earn this DIY pallet kitchen island table out of them. This chic kitchen… [Read More...]

Recycled Pallet Chest / Toy Box / Coffee Table

Pallet Storage box

While we think of some secured type of storage of home goods the name of chest or trunk comes first in the list. Pallet wood, as you all know that is a great source to get some healthy wood so it can easily help you out to create such nice pallet wood chest for storage… [Read More...]

Pallet Side Table / End Table / Nightstand

DIY Pallet End Table

Pallet wood is common type of wood and can be seen all around your home. But this cheap and rustic type of wood can be recycled with unlimited possibilities by giving you the subtle type of furniture and other wooden concerns of home. We have created this bizarre type of DIY pallet side table by… [Read More...]

Pallet Entryway Desk / Sofa Table / Hall Table

Pallet Sofa side table

Pallet wood surely comes in handy when you want a sturdy type of furniture without any overload of money and effort. Constructions of pallet products are just simple and super quick to do at home. We have met our dire need of table at entryway by constructing this DIY rustic pallet hallway table/ sofa side… [Read More...]