DIY Distressed Pallet Picture Frame

recycled pallet picture frame

Here is how you can get a sharp focus to your mural and pictures. We have taken into use some rustic bits and pieces of the pallet wood and converted them creatively into a mural picture frame. You can display some really great past events and photos of pride on this rustic DIY Pallet picture… [Read More...]

Handmaede Pallet Wood Coffee Table

reclaimed pallet coffee table

We cannot be contented with just living room seating plan we need furniture for patio outdoor too to enjoy in summers. So this will demand for some coffee tables too to make every sitting plan accomplished. We have prepared a no-cost DIY pallet coffee table at home which has purely been originated through pallet reclaiming… [Read More...]

DIY Rustic Jewelry Organizer From Pallet

rustic pallet jewelry organizer

We have originated this clever addition to home wall from the rustic pallet boards which are much easy to be found and shaped up. We used a big one pallet plank to get this DIY pallet jewelry organizing station which has been got functional for hanging with some hardware metal hooks. You can arrange all… [Read More...]

DIY Industrial Pallet Coffee Table and TV Stand

recycled pallet coffee table and TV stand

If you are having an old metal frame of the collapsed furniture then it is time to make renewed and modernized with pallet wood. Here we have a very wallet friendly motivation for you in which we have assigned a rustic top to a charming metal legs which we have reclaimed from a broken up… [Read More...]

No-Cost Pallet Shelf and Coat Rack

recycled pallet shelf and coat rack

People are getting their hands completely on pallet wood due to its every day new furniture trends. The most special thing about this great interest of people in pallet wood is its long time durability and free of cost availability. We have also make a great use of pallet wood by designing this DIY pallet… [Read More...]

Pallet Mason Jar Pendant Light Fixture

recycled pallet mason jar light fixture

Make something really arresting and extraordinary out of ordinary with some wise and creative wood pallet ideas that can reform your life greatly. We have redesigned a DIY pallet Mason jar light fixture which has been originated through useless stuff like rustic pallet wood and some empty mason jars. We have used some light bulbs… [Read More...]

Low-Cost Pallet Coffee Table with Metal legs

recycled pallet coffee table with metal legs

We see different tables in home that provide individual and appreciated services in whole home. Coffee table is also one of extensive table types which play a very vital role in serving the home. We have originated a DIY pallet metal coffee table from pallet wood which is the cheapest way to get all home… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Towel Rack with Shelf

upcycled pallet towel rack and shelf

We need shelves at most of places for decorative and utility purposes; kitchen and bathroom are also from those places. But the question is that how to have a low-budget shelf? This may be the very first thought in every home lover’s mind. We have a very economical solution for this highly need of home… [Read More...]

Easy Red and White Pallet Planter Box

recycled pallet planter box

Pallet wood has not left alone to your garden; it has also a bundle of recycled pallet ideas to dignify your garden according to modern decors. We have here done a very fast and super easy pallet project that came up with this nicely dimensioned DIY pallet planter box that can give a very snazzy… [Read More...]

DIY Pedestal Pallet Coffee table

recycled pallet pedestal coffee table

Enjoy another swank behavior of pallet wood that has come up with a nice beauty. This dignified exposure of DIY pallet coffee table has a trendy pedestal style of standing which is very rare and unique. Any indoor or outdoor seating plan can be brought to distinctions with this rustic DIY pallet craft which will… [Read More...]