DIY Pallet Wall Hanging Shelves

repurposed pallet wall hanging shelves

Shelves provide the best plan for storing a variety of things in arresting minimal area. Shelve in every home given a very organized and mannered behavior to any room ambiance. We have done a DIY pallet wall hanging shelves project at home during the past weekend. This rustic styled DIY pallet wooden rack provided us… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Entry Way Table

upcycled pallet entry way table

Entry way is the first impression of home and can cheer up the visitors and family guests if you make it decorated on trends. An entry way table plays a very important role in this purpose. To acquire this fundamental furniture component we have reclaimed the pallet wood and have recycled a DIY pallet entry… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Coffee Table With Metal Base

diy rustic pallet coffee table with metal base

Metal and wood make a very lasting combination which looks also very eye catching and eye capturing. Here we have crafted just such a design which takes good use of pallet wood and metal home scrap. We have built a DIY pallet coffee table with metal base which can be utilized in so many different… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Shelf with Metal Hooks

reclaimed pallet shelf with metal hooks

Pallet wood offers the thriftiest way to get all the wooden essentials for home. Now we are with a very cool DIY pallet idea to get a shelving scheme for home walls. We shaped up this DIY pallet shelf and coat rack by cleverly readjusting the pallets to give a utility purpose. Various storage slots… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Wood Side Table

recycled pallet side table

We cannot count the services of pallet wood in home; we can construct almost every type of furniture through pallet wood recycling with our own hands. This time we have handcrafted a chic DIY pallet side table out of pallet wood to add a rustic table support to coffee and drinks in just besides of… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Coffee Table / Side Table

recycled pallet coffee table

Take a close glimpse on this DIY pallet table which is much simple and custom-build in layout but is much heavy duty in services. We have raised this DIY pallet coffee table in sturdiness by providing it some really thick legs. Multiple tasks and utilizes can be assigned to this wooden object in home to… [Read More...]

DIY X large Rolling Crate

reclaimed pallet crate rolling crate

Sometimes we face serious problems about storage of household and domestic accessories. To have some extra storage space why not reclaims the useless wood around you. The wood which often comes to our eye is the shipping pallets which are the thriftiest way to get useful and really endured wood. We have made here a… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Living Room Coffee Table

recycled pallet coffee table

There are many ways to recycle the weathered wood like that of fencing wood, home decking wood and pallet wood. By using these grand sources of rustic wood we have reclaimed a DIY pallet coffee table design which is very dutiful and honest in behavior. There are no heavy expenditure barriers that may stop you… [Read More...]

DIY King Sized Pallet Headboard

handmade pallet king size headboard

Headboard provide and artful and eyeful view to a bed and make it look complete. To get this worthy piece of bed, we have availed the pallet. Pallet wood provides a likeable and thrifty bypass to get DIY pallet furniture essentials for home on a budget. We have also create a DIY pallet headboard which… [Read More...]

DIY Handmade Recycled Wooden Box

recycled pallet storage box

Welcome the pallet wood or any other wood which comes to you in short or large amount because the odds and ends of pallet wood can also be rejoined to find really serviceable utility purposes out of them. We have here used some old chunks of pallet wood to get a perfect DIY pallet box… [Read More...]