Reclaimed Pallet Wood Desk

Pallet Desk

It is very necessary for a study room to have some accomplished and perfect setup for study purposes. A study table the foremost need for it. If you are buying an industrial piece it may be expensive, take use of pallet wood to get in free of cast with lasting sturdiness. We have also crafted… [Read More...]

Handmade Pallet Wood Recycled Foot Stool

Pallet stool

Ottomans are very supporting type of furniture and has various features. We mostly see them around living room sofa, couches and gliders. We have also prepared a DIY upholstered pallet ottoman out of pallet wood recycling. You can use it for multiple purposes like as footstool, sitting stools and also as a perfect DIY pallet… [Read More...]

Shelf and Coat Rack Out of Pallets

recycled pallet shelf and coat rack

There are much more to explore with pallet wood and DIY pallet furniture ideas are just unlimited. If you are having some blank wall areas and are willing to make them functional too with some utility objects then this rustic DIY pallet shelf and coat rack will work great for you. Some broken and collapsed… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Glass Top

recycled pallet coffee table with glass top

This inspiration of pallet wood is all about that how you can get some unique and extraordinary pieces of furniture out of pallet wood. We have reclaimed a DIY pallet coffee table with glass top out of pallet wood which came up as a subtle manifestation of wooden recycling creativity. This accent piece of table… [Read More...]

DIY Multi-Purpose Pallet Tables

handcrafted pallet miniature tables

Pallet wood is not merely used for old wooden pallet furniture of home but you can also upgrade some collapsed type of industrial furniture by patching them up with pallet wood. But we are now with a really clever type of table which we were trying to construct from the last weekend. We have shaped… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Wood Coffee Table

recycled pallet sturdy coffee table

Wooden crafting is the best way to show your hidden skills, it also make oneself tested that how much you are expert in using the wooden tools. If you are handy in using wooden tools then this DIY pallet wood coffee table is just like ABC to be constructed at home in much leisure time…. [Read More...]

DIY Pallet White Coffee Table

recycled pallet white coffee table

We were just sorting out some way to get a nice coffee table for our living room which was looking just incomplete without the front support of a table. After browsing and searching for schemes for coffee table we met this pallet coffee table to attain a beauteous coffee table on a friendly budget. We… [Read More...]

Pallet Picture Shelf

recycled pallet floating picture shelf

Every time you look at your past pictures, the past memories make us fill with joy and happiness. Shelves are great choice to make your picture well displayed. To get the cheapest ever shelf for picture frames we have taken use of pallet wood and have made this DIY pallet picture shelf out of it… [Read More...]

Pallet Coffee Table with Wheels and Glass Top

recycled pallet coffee table with casters

Pallet wood is already a cut type of wood and is mostly formed is board and frame shapes. So it becomes easier to get it converted to any home furniture object. We have also used the same kind of pallet wood and earned a DIY pallet coffee table out of it through a very quick… [Read More...]

Rustic Pallet Cell Phone Holder

recycled pallet cell phone holder

There were some rustic pieces of wood lying in the dumpster, we saw them creatively and they were just wishing to be turned into a functional setup. We got them reclaimed and gave them a new serviceable life in form of this DIY pallet cell phone holder which provides great ease to operate any touch… [Read More...]