DIY Pallet Bistro Chair

recycled pallet chair

Get what you want out of pallet wood with very workable and obtainable reclaiming. We have shaped up this DIY pallet bistro chair which is much artistic and eyeful. You can also get your hands onto this great DIY pallet craft by messing a little bit with some rustic shipping pallets. If you pocket does… [Read More...]

DIY Mini Pallet Pot Rack

recycled pallet pot rack

We just prepared a squared rim and frame of pallet wood and hooked it at four sides. We have added up to 8 metal hooks which are much heavy duty. This came up with a nice home purpose of DIY pallet mini pallet pot rack for kitchen utensils and pots. This can add a unique… [Read More...]

DIY Rustic Pallet Mason jar Wall Vases

reclaimed pallet mason jar wall vases

Here is another multiple purpose¬†Creative Uses for Wood Pallets which we have planned from deleted and discarded home material. We have reused some old mason jars from the home dumpster and get attached with some scrape pallet wood to shape up this nice DIY pallet Mason jar wall vases for home wall embellishments and decors…. [Read More...]

DIY Rustic Pallet Side Table

upcycled pallet side table

Almost each type and component of home furniture is possible to be repurposed out of pallet wood, a great wood nature for crafting. We used some rustic pallet skids recently to prepare this DIY pallet side table which is of much importance and value in the living room. We dismantle the pallet skids by using… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Couch Table

recycled pallet couch table

A living room gives an incomplete feel and display if it is missing a couch and same carries the couch if it is missing a couch table. This DIY pallet couch table is a great example of DIY pallet art and reclaiming which is always manageable on a much low budget which is just equal… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Mirrored Coat Rack

recycled pallet mirrored coat rack

Get your home and walls on higher functional levels by doing some tricky and really appreciated crafts with pallet wood. To go with recycling of pallets is not a very big deal it often comes in handy. We have recovered a chic DIY pallet mirrored coat rack out of pallet wood which can accent greatly… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet End Table/Nightstand

recycled pallet end table and nightstand

There are tons of creative moves and twists which can be given to shipping pallets to gratify the home services and utilitarian criteria. Here we are starving to share with you a great example of useful creativity which we applied on shipping pallet to get this DIY end table for home seating room and living… [Read More...]

DIY Rustic Pallet Chalkboard

reclaimed pallet chalkboard

Here we are offering a great pallet learning station for kids which has much engaging layout. We have completely salvaged this DIY pallet rustic chalkboard from pallet wood reclaiming at home. We have divided it into six equal sections according to the days and framed the black board with pallet wood which came up with… [Read More...]

DIY Tiered Pallet Bookshelf

recycled pallet tiered bookshelf

How much you are a rustic lover? If you are really obsessed with the rustic wooden objects then this DIY pallet tiered pallet bookshelf will make you stimulated greatly. There is nothing special in this wooden frame; we have just taken the use of ordinary wood to make this fetching vintage shelf. We have used… [Read More...]

DIY Pallet Hat and Coat Rack

recycled pallet hat and coat rack

If you are a good player of baseball or other outdoor games then it is sure that you have to use the hats and jackets each day. How do you organize them? If you still not having a chic and functional setting for this purpose then employ this DIY pallet hat and coat rack setting… [Read More...]