DIY Pallet Coffee Table with 2 Levels

reclaimed pallet coffee table with 2 levels

The best way to reuse those rustic pallets in home is to build sturdy layouts of furniture elements with them. Yes, this is much possible and you can do in so many different and unique ways. You can take this example of DIY pallet coffee table, built to last and comes with two levels to… [Read More…]

DIY Reclaimed Pallet Mirror

rustic wooden pallet mirror

We have shared here very nice DIY pallet projects of creative wall art pattern, wall signs and also the spectacular wooden decors, this time we have another unique one that will also work both as a functional object and decorative wall art for you home wall areas! Yes, we are discussing about this DIY pallet… [Read More…]

Upcycled Pallet Custom Alligator Wall Art

recycled pallet alligator wall art

There is really no end of creative uses of pallet wood in building the furniture or vintage yet sophisticated home wall art patterns. Each person with a genius mind can invent his own new ways to use the pallets, just like this DIY pallet custom alligator wall art, really a clever example of pallet wood… [Read More…]

Painted Pallet Wall Art – Wall Signs

rustic pallet painted sings

Interior decors encircle a plenty of objects and types and wall lettering is one of them. Custom wall hanging signs and letter also work great in kid’s room especially in bedrooms. Select the pallet wood to go for custom wall signs for brilliant wall decors. These DIY pallet painted custom wall signs have exclusively been… [Read More…]

DIY Rustic Pallet Unique Coffee Table

upcycled pallet coffee table

Coffee tables are actually the real conversation starters while enjoying a family or friends get together. They entertain us in so many different ways and have unbeatable worth and functionality in home. To get the sturdy and artful pieces of furniture from market may cause a great load on your wallet but there is another… [Read More…]

DIY Rustic Pallet Adirondack Chair

recycled pallet aqua blue Adirondack chair

While talking about the outdoor sitting comfort, there is no match of Adirondack chair that provides you the super comfy style of sitting and makes you just in front of the open nature to catch the naturally occurring enjoyable scenes! You can access a full stylish outdoor chair on much economical budget plan if you… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Media Console – TV Stand

handmade pallet media console table

Modern and rustic combos are catching the fame and everybody seems to be curious about it in these days! If you are also thinking to give your cozier interior environments a rustic touch then this DIY pallet media console table would be perfect addition to your modern living rooms or media rooms. The framework is… [Read More…]

Upcycled Pallet Nightstand and Side Table

wooden pallet side table and nightstand

We always required numerous different types of table furniture in home to set off any room or area of home for better performance. Here we are to introduce with you this pallet nightstand and side table project to give you another decent layout of multipurpose pallet table on a budget. This beautiful shape of table… [Read More…]

DIY Rustic Pallet Wall Mounted Shelves

recycled pallet wall mounted shelves

Pallet boards are pretty quick and feasible to be installed into various art styles of shelves. Shelves are always great for better organization and display of your accessories and objects of decors like picture or mural frames, artistic faux art patterns and also the informative toys and other special kinds of embellishments! Here comes another… [Read More…]

Colorful Mosaic Pallet Mirror

handcrafted pallet accent mirror

We just can’t forget the respective format of wall art patterns while decorating a part or room of our dwelling. Pallet wood can also compliment better to your interior decors in many different ways! This colorful mosaic pallet mirror is really here to hold your attention and has been made of pallets and a piece… [Read More…]