DIY Vintage Pallet Coffee Table with Storage

recycled pallet coffee table with storage

Here we are providing some ideas and techniques to change the rustic pallets into pretty vintage pieces of furniture. It is really very simple as don’t need to take lots of measurements in the DIY pallet projects as you only have to readjust the boards of pallets to take a serviceable form of furniture. Take… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Farmhouse Table – Patio Table

upcycled pallet patio table

Rustic character of pallets can be used in multiple ways create vintage and antique appeals to interior spaces. One of the best to give a rustic touch to interior home decors is to create the vintage inspired furniture out of pallets which is damn easy to build out of pallets. This DIY pallet farmhouse table… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Chevron Coffee Table

upcycled pallet chevron coffee table

After getting retired from the shipping businesses the pallets becomes useless. They are mostly thrown on ash heaps, scrap piles and also in dumping grounds and dumpsters. Instead of leaving those pallets to just rot away why not give them a second chance to be useful again. This DIY pallet chevron coffee table has been… [Read More…]

Handcrafted Squared Pallet Coffee Table

upcycled pallet distressed white coffee table

We have really a big collection of pallet wood furniture that can totally hold your attentions. After seeing some creative DIY wood pallet projects your will surely find yourself interested in pallet wood recycling. Table is the frequently made item with pallets and there are tons of possibilities to construct unique designs of tables out… [Read More…]

DIY Mini Pallet Table – Step Stool

diy pallet mini table and foot stool

Every unique desire of furniture can be fulfilled with pallets. Pallets have much feasible nature and you can easily readjust them or restyle them to gain another beauteous shape of furniture to be used in routine manners. This DIY miniature pallet table would be a nice addition to any of your room that needs a… [Read More…]

Recycled Pallet Coffee Table with Magazine Rack

reclaimed pallet coffee table with wheels

If you are a crafting lover then you can do some home project with pallets to make your home improved. You can recycle the pallets to get durable yet affordable furniture which will also be a useful thought for wood waste reduction. This DIY recycled pallet coffee table is just amazing in style and hue… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Faux Fireplace with Mantle

recycled pallet faux fireplace

There is nothing more comfortable than to sit near a fireplace in living room while there is dead of cold at outside. Fireplaces not only provide the perfect amount of warmth in winter but they also compliment the home decors as well. This DIY pallet faux fireplace has been created using rustic pallets to make… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet and Iron Pipe Wall Hanging Shelf

repurposed pallet and iron pipe wall hanging shelf

Here we are introducing to you the most latest and up to date trends of pallet wood crafting and recycling as well. By adapting these very new versions of pallet wood furniture and decors you can jump to a happy and comfortable living on a budget. Here some homey material and some pallet wood has… [Read More…]

DIY Entryway Table

reclaimed pallet entry table and foyer table

There are numerous ways to recycle the pallet for gaining fascinating demonstrations of furniture. To reuse the pallets for furniture is really an economical and wise thought can reduce your furniture expenditures to a great extent. If you don’t know how to get pallets reclaimed for furniture or wanting to get some DIY pallet ideas… [Read More…]

DIY Pallet Table and Side Table with Hairpin Legs

repurposed pallet sofa table

Pallets comes to you after of long time duty in ships, so scratches and signs of wear and tear are must to be on these pallet skids. However, this weathered behavior can be used creatively to shape the vintage and mid century inspired layouts of furniture. This DIY pallet farmhouse table is the perfect example… [Read More…]